Friday, 9 August 2013

My long weekend in London

Helllooooooooooo! This is going to be another long post just to warn you, hahaha.

As you all should know, I went to London on the 2nd of August until the 5th. I had such a fab time there with my parents. It was the first time I'd been but I've always wanted to go! My mum and dad had promised me since I was about 6 as well haha.

View from the London Eye
On the Friday we got lost looking for a tube to Blackfriars station but when we got there we checked into the hotel, unpacked and then went for a walk by the Thames as our hotel was close to there. We went on the London Eye and in the 4D experience thing and they were both amazing! Afterwards we walked over Westminster Bridge and we went past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben! We walked for a bit and then went back to the hotel because it was about 6 o'clock. Later on we went out for tea at Wagamamas - my favorite restaurant ever!!!!! It was so so nice.

The next day (Saturday), we had a pretty long day ahead. We basically walked for 9 hours and well, my feet have never hurt so much! Anyway, on the Saturday there was this cycling thing for families around London and so a lot of the roads were closed off which was good! We walked past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (again), Westminster Abbey, the Churchill statue, the Cenotaph, Downing Street, the Horse Guards Parade, we walked up the Mall and saw loads of the cyclists, Buckingham Palace, we walked past a lot of posh, famous hotels like the Ritz and Park Lane Hotel. We walked past Leicester Square then carried on walking and walking until we finally got by Oxford Circus. Me and my mum went shopping for a 'few hours' (4 lol) while my dad went and wondered off to various places..? Haha, by the end of the day our feet were hurting so much and my dad made us walk all the way back from Oxford Street to Stamford Street where are hotel was, grrrr :(

On Sunday morning we got up and got the tube to Camden Market. I was so excited to go here because of how good everyone says it is. I didn't get much from there I just got a keyring, a magnet (for my gran), a bracelet and a watch that looks like a Casio. We had lunch here too and then afterwards we got the tube to Westminster station. We went on a boat trip to the Tower of  London and the tour guide person was hilarious, hahah. When we got off the boat we walked around the Tower but we didn't actually go in. We then walked over the London Bridge and alllll the way back to our hotel which took forever. My feet were hurting so much yet again :(

On our final day (Monday) we must have got the tube at least 12 times!! We had to drop our cases off in Euston station where we were getting the train from that evening. Once they were dropped off we got the tube to somewhere (don't know where oops) and we queued for the Natural History museum. It was so crowded and full of little kids crying so we only stayed there for about an hour and a half because it was pretty boring as well. We then walked over to Hyde Park and it was so pretty there! We saw Diana's memorial and then went to a cafe to have a drink. After a while we walked to the nearest underground and we went over by Trafalgar square to get our lunch. Then, at about 2 o'clock, we got another underground and went to Madame Tussaud's. It was soo good there, it was really funny as well!
 After we had been there we got the tube (again..)and went back over to Trafalgar Square. As we stepped out of the station though it was pouring down so we had to run and find some shelter somewhere which wasn't the erm best experience.... haha. We then went to a restaurant to have our tea. After another couple of journeys on the tube we went back to Euston and waited about an hour for our train. We eventually got home at 11pm after changing trains 3 times (not fun). But yeah, I had a great time and I'll definitely be going again :)
Just us and MJ, u know how it is yh

I just thought this looked cool, hahaha
View from the London Eye
Me and my mummaaa
Camden Market

Where some of the cyclists were on the Mall

Me and my dad, aww

I'm going to be doing a mini haul of what I got there in my next post 

Mia xx

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