Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

Hey everyone!
Seems like I haven't made a post in ages :( I know I said i'd keep up with the regular posts but a lot of stuff has happened recently that has made me feel really rubbish and sad all the time. I will try and post regularly again but school is coming up in around 10 days (ew) so i'm going to try and find a certain day to make a post on at least once a week!

Now that's out of the way I thought i'd do a review on the much hyped Maybelline Baby Lips. Now as you will probably know, they came out onto the UK's shelves around the start of this month and they have been selling out everywhere. -obviously that means that they must be good!

Basically, there are 6 different ones in the UK at the moment. Three of which are tinted and the other three are not.

I have the three tinted ones at the moment and I absolutely love them! They're amazing and I totally know why everyone goes mad about them. Yes, they are only a lip balm but the colours are actually really long lasting and make your lips feel lovely.

The newest one I bought was Peace Kiss. I'd say that this is a pretty nude colour. It does have sparkly bits in it which makes it stand out more.

Peach Kiss
       You can get:

  • Peach Kiss
  • Pink Punch
  • Cherry Me
  • Minty Fresh
  • Hydrate
  • Repair

My favourite it Cherry Me but they are all lovely! 

I give the product 5/5 and the packaging 5/5.
They are also all on 2 for 2 at the moment in Boots and
Superdrug so i'm definitely going to collect them all. 

(L-R) Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss

I thought i'd keep this post quite short as I think i'm going to do a London and Chester haul soon. I didn't get much from London so I thought it would be pointless to do a really short post with a few items in.

Mia xx


  1. i currently own pink punch! i love them and definitely want to get more:) love your blog!xxx


    1. Ah they are fab and so do I! Thank you sweet xxx