Friday, 24 May 2013

This or that tag ♡

Heyyy, I was looking through Karlee's posts and I noticed that she'd done a 'this or that tag'. Although I wasn't tagged I thought it seemed like an interesting post to do because well.. I like reading them? :) 

Also, the tag is more American than British so i've changed a few of the questions as I know most of my followers are British like me :-)

Blush or Bronzer? Blush.. I don't even own any bronzers haha.
Lipgloss or Lipstick? Lipstick because they last longer and feel nicer.
Liner or Mascara? BOTH!
Foundation or Concealer? Concealer.
Neutral Eyeshadow or Colour? Neutral.. not brave enough to try bold colours.
Pressed or loose eyeshadow? Pressed. Loose is quite messy.

Nails and Body
Essie or Barry M? I don't own any Essie polishes so definitely Barry M.
Long or Short Nails? Long, but not super long if you get what I mean?
Acrylic or Natural? Natural, acrylic nails can sometimes look really ott.
Brights or Darks? Both really!
Flower or No Flower? No flower...
Perfume or Body Splash? Perfume?
Lotion or Body Butter? Body butter! I prefer thick creams.
Body Wash or Soap? Soap, I feel cleaner.
Lush or other bath company? Lush all the way, woooooo!

Jeans or leggings? Leggings, most jeans don't fit me or look terrible :(
Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve? I hate my arms so I would say long sleeves BUT, I only have one long sleeved top..
Dresses or skirts? Skirts because you can change your tops/shoes to make all different outfits.
Spots or stripes? Hm, stripes.. I don't really have a favourite though.
Flip Flops or Sandals? Sandals! I hate flip flops unless i'm on holiday.
Scarves or Hats? Scarves.
Studs or Dangly Earrings? Studs! 
Heels or Flats? Flats, I have like no heels, hahaha.
Chelsea Boots or Riding Boots? Chelsea boots! I love them but I wish they suited me :(
Coat or Hoodie? I usually wear both.
Topshop or River Island? Topshop!!!!!!!!
Abercrombie or Hollister? Hollister. 

Curly or straight? I literally cannot curl my hair so it has to be straight. It doesn't stay in at all and it makes me so annoyed, urgh.
Bun or Ponytail? Ponytail because my hair is so long & thick, I can't do nice buns.
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby pins!
Hair Spray or Gel? Ew never gel, definitely hair spray.
Long or Short? Long hair looks better on me personally.
Light or Dark? Dark.
Side Sweep or Full Fringe? None.
Up or Down? Down. I very rarely tie my hair up.

Rain or Shine? Shine! Although I do love lazy days when there's horrible weather.
Summer or Winter? Summer.
Autumn or Spring? Autumn because it's so pretty.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate!

I tag: Anyone who is reading this ;-)

Hope you didn't get bored and if you did... i'm sorry haha.

Mia xx

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Comforter bubble bar

'The Comforter' is a Lush bubble bar that is raved about through the instagram/YouTube/blogging-sphere (oooh, sounds posh) and so the last time I visited Lush I knew that this was something I definitely wanted to purchase and try out!

In my first ever blog post back in February (aww) I reviewed some of the products I'd bought from Lush. Some I liked, some I disliked and you can read that post here.

Anyway, I bought The Comforter bubble bar about.. at least a month ago? Possibly more, I don't know. It was the third type of bubble bar I had purchased and the most expensive. It was £4.25 but you honestly get your money's worth.

It looks like this;

It's bright and eye catching and has a very girly feel to it with the bright pink and purple-ish colours.

I used around a quarter & did get more bubbles
 but they'd disappeared at this point....

It smells absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! <-overload of exclamation marks right there because it just smells so damn amazing! Aah, it smells like cherry cola.. but better. It has a very sugary and sweet smell to it but it wouldn't be for you if you don't like sickly smells (unlike me, obviously haha).
To use the bubble bar you crumble pieces underneath the tap while your bath is running and you can use it up to 6 times. You could half it and get lots and lots of bubbles in two baths, you can cut it into quarters and still get a reasonable amount in four baths or you can cut it up into lots of little bits to still get an amazing smell but yeah let's not go talking about the smell again...☺

I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't been to Lush before! You will love it.

To buy the bubble bar online, this is the link to it: The Comforter Bubble Bar.

Mia xx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spring/Summer nails ☮

So I now have all my assessments out of the way and as I started this post about two weeks ago (when it was really sunny, sigh) I thought it was time to finish it. 

My dog actually loves sunbathing?
When I took these pictures I was actually sitting in my garden in the sun but now if you're reading this today you'll be thinking I live abroad or something as it's been raining all day and it's freezing outside (typical Britain, boo). 

Right anyway, I have a LOT of nail polishes so I decided to find my favourite spring/summer colours! I'll end up buying more in the next few months because i'm kind of addicted to buying (and wasting) my money on colours I already have. But anyway hey ho, a girl can't have too many nail polishes.. right?

Barry M (L-R) - Strawberry Ice Cream, Mint Green & Iridescent.
Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish (L-R) - Sweet as Sugar, Orange your Life.
Mua - Lush Lilac.
Models Own - Hedonist (I also want Beach Party).
BYS - I got this out of a magazine, hahahaha.
O.P.I - Can't find the name of the colour but i've had this ages so it might not be in stock any more.

Also, I won a competition Helen had done and both the nail polishes she sent me I absolutely LOVE! Unfortunately I can't find them on the Boots website so i'm not sure if they're still in stock. They're Collection 2000 ones in Button Moon (a light blue) and BMX Bandit (a indigo/blue colour).

Mia xx