Thursday, 28 March 2013

Chester shopping haul

First of all, sorry about not posting in over a week! I've just had no motivation whatsoever :-(

Hm well anyway, i'm on my Easter break at the moment but so far it's been.. okay I guess. Last Friday about 3 foot of snow decided to fall where I live (North Wales) and it basically has not stopped snowing since then. Being as I hate snow as it is, i've just been inside basically everyday with my boyfriend but on Tuesday I went shopping to Chester with three of my other friends. The journey there was pretty eventful to say the least as we almost crashed into a car because of the snow and then the bus broke down for about 20 minutes  because of something to do with the wheel. Ugh, I was not happy.

 Other than that our day was pretty good because thankfully there was no snow in the city! I managed to buy some really nice things and i'm so pleased with everything I got and I didn't actually waste my money for once, yay!

Here is everything I bought;
(From left to right)
Crop top/socks/purse/nail varnish/yankee candle/'the comforter' bubble bar/mascara/eyebrow pencil

I really love everything I bought and I think it all came to just over £20 which is so good!

It was 3 for 2 in Boots and I couldn't resist..

Mango Peach Salsa Yankee candle and The Comforter bubble bar.

Both from Primark.. the purse looks like it's Cath Kidston, yay!

This top is just something I had to buy!! It's definitely my favourite recent purchase and this is because I was going to buy a top just like this one from Topshop for £22 but as this was only £4 I was so, so happy! In my opinion I think it's nicer than the Topshop one anyway and a definite bargain.

Going to be posting more in the next few weeks as I have lots of ideas.

Mia xx

Saturday, 16 March 2013

The 1975 ♫ ♪

Hey everyone, this is a pretty random post but i've just stared listening  to this band and i'm obsessed already and I just thought i'd tell you all about them, wooo  

The 1975.

My friend had mentioned to me a few weeks ago to listen to their song 'Chocolate' but as i'd never heard of them before I didn't bother. A few people on twitter then kept bringing them up so I decided (as I had nothing else to do) to listen to a few of their songs and I honestly loved them straight away!

They are a British indie-rock/pop band and the current name first appeared in January 2012 as they were going to release their first EP called "Facedown". 
I've bought all of their EP's off iTunes and they're all £2.49 each. I definitely recommend that you all listen to them especially if you like bands such as Oasis, The Kooks and Foals.

Just keeping this short and sweet.

Mia xx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Liebster Award ♥

Hello lovelies, I've been nominated for this award by the gorgeous Laura and as i've only recently started a blog I thought it'd help you all get to know me better. I also got nominated by Lauren and Karina but i'm only going to answer Laura's questions as she nominated me first :-) x

1. Share 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that your tagger has given you.
3. Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have under 200 Google Friend Connect followers and be told in a comment on their blog.

4. Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers you have nominated.
5. Thank that person that nominated you and link back to their blog.

11 Facts About Me;

1. I am pretty small for my age and all my friends are much taller than me :-(
2. My hair is dark brown and it's currently down to the bottom of my rib cage (I've been trying to grow it for years!)
3. I like all different genres of music.
4. I don't have any special talents so some people probably find me very boring.
5. I want to go to New York, London and Tokyo sooo much.
6. Since primary school I have always had people bullying me about my appearance and I am 0% confident with the way I look.
7. When I'm older I really would love to have a career with something in the fashion industry doing anything other than textiles. Or, i'd love something to do with media or photography. 
8. I am absolutely awful at revision and I get distracted so easily :-(
9. Max George and Leonardo DiCaprio are my celebrity crushes and are the most perfect males alive (after my boyfriend of course, hehe) 
10. I never know what to put for these type of things, oooops.
11. I eat so much junk food but thankfully, I don't put much weight on :-) 

Questions from Laura;

1. What is your best fashion bargain? I actually have no idea, i've bought so many things that I love!
2. Long or short hair? Long!
3. Favourite brand? Clothes wise - Topshop and New Look. Makeup wise- Rimmel London.
4. Favourite nail varnish? I love pastel colours and I love Barry M, Rimmel London, Accessorize and Topshop's varnishes :-)
5. Favourite subject at school (college or uni e.t.c)? Geography.
6. Favourite accessory? Either a bag or necklace, depends on the outfit. 
7. How long have you had your blog? Since 17th February 2013 I think?
8. Favourite sweet treat? Chocolate, popcorn or twizzlers! 
9. Favourite sport? None, I absolutely hate all sports :-( If  I had to pick though, i'd day short distance running/sprint.
10. Favourite LUSH product? I haven't tried many but at the moment it has to be the bath bomb, Twilight.
11. Favourite scent (perfume)? Soap & Glory's Mist You Madly.

11 blogs I nominate to take part;
(no specific order)

11 questions for my nominees;

1. Do you have an idol(s)? If so, who? 
2. Best beauty secret?
3. A film you will always love?
4. Your guilty pleasure?
5. Favourite feature about you?
6. What would be your perfect date?
7. Are you loud or quiet?
8. Favourite make-up brand?
9. Favourite high-street store?
10. Best thing that has happened to you this year? 
11. Something you love to do in your spare time?

If you're tagged and have done a post yourself, please link it below so I can see!

Mia xx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

March Wishlist..

Even though I have basically no money right now (cry cry), there are so many things I want to buy at the moment as all the new collections and more spring colours are coming in wooo!

 1.  Office match point lace up 
I have wanted flatform trainers for absolutely ages and recently lots of shops have started stocking them.   These are from Office for £25 and the main reason I want these is that in most shops when I go to order them they've sold out of my size (UK 3) and in Office they are a few pounds cheaper than in other places where i've seen them too! I think they will go with lots of my outfits in the summer as well :-)

   2.  Grease lightning spot treatment
This is supposed to get rid of spots really well and as my skin has been awful recently, I really want to invest in this product to see myself if it works as well as everyone says. It's from Lush for £5.95.

  3.  Johann Earl Printed Letterman Sweatshirt
I've never purchased anything from Asos before but I love all the clothes on the website! This sweatshirt is reduced from £30 to £24 and i've wanted a sweatshirt like this for quite a while. It looks pretty comfy as well.

 4.  Topshop waterproof mascara
I don't have any Topshop makeup and there's a rumour that MAC make Topshop's makeup!? If so then i'd much rather pay more reasonable prices for the Topshop mascara products (£10) than MAC's (£14-£20). Anyway, i've still not found a mascara that makes my eyelashes look good and for some reason, Topshop's mascaras all look like they'll be good and well, if i don't try it then I won't know will I? ;-)

 5.  Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation
Lot's of people have said that this foundation is good and as there's £2 off on the ones from Superdrug so they're now £4.99 and i'm definetly going to get it when I next have money!

 6.  Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder Transparent
I want to get this when I buy the foundation and again, many people have said that this is a really good product and it's supposed to help minimise the appearance of pores which would make my skin look a lot better than it is at the moment.

 7.  Mint Tye Dye Lace Socks
I've wanted these socks for ages! I've never seen them in any of the Topshop stores though so i'm probably going to have to order them online. I already have 6 pairs of frilly socks but I absolutely adore these. They're just so cute and summery! They're £3.50 but not in the '3 for £8' deal unfortunately. 

 8.  Radox Moisture Soak Herbal Bath
Haven't got much money to splash out in Lush so I need something else for the bubbles! This is £1 from boots.

 9.  Petite High Waisted Hotpants
All the shorts I have either don't fit me well or I just don't like them. I'm not sure whether I should pay £28 for a pair of shorts but when I saw these I did instantly love them. I'm going to France with my school in July so i'll definetly be needing some shorts.. hmm?

 10.  MUA Pro-Brow Kit
I want this as I find it extremely annoying when I have gaps in my eyebrows so that it looks like I have purposely slit them like when loads of people went through a stage of doing that, haha. Also, it's only £3.50 and lots of people like MUA products so hopefully this should be good.

 11.  Scrub Your Nose In It (Soap & Glory) 
Like I said before, my skin has been really really bad recently and this face scrub and mask is supposed to minimise your pores and leave your skin looking "bright and radiant".. I've not heard many reviews on this product though and as it's £7.50 i'm going to make sure it actually works before I purchase it.

 12.  Topshop Studded Holdall
 I'm in need of a new, good quality bag and as soon as I saw this I fell in love with it! It's so pretty and a good size! I think it will be good for if i'm just going out shopping or it may be good for when I go to France as well. I'm gutted that it's £40 though but I guess most bags like this would be the same price :-( 

 13.  Barry M Nail Paint 309 Strawberry Ice Cream
Love this colour soooo much and in Superdrug it's '2 for £5' so I think i'll be purchasing this and the Peach colour too. Pastel colours are my favourite and obviously it's a summery colour so i'll probably be wearing this throughout Spring and Summer, hehe!

Hopefully I didn't bore you, 

Mia xx